Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Humor is a quality for an architect!

braindead-closeup.jpg The following question and solution is from the preparation for the Sun Certfied Enterprise Architect (SCEA) from the Sun Learning Center:

You have the assignment to create a new architecture that will be used by your organization for all future web development. Which three characteristics are important when choosing a web application framework? (Choose three.)
  • A) Billing rates of framework consultants.
  • B) Code re-use.
  • C) Ease of Use.
  • D) It was featured in a computer magazine.
  • E) Industry acceptance.
  • F) We write our own web frameworks.

  • The solution:
    Options B, C, E are correct. Options A,D are incorrect because they are not valid architectural concerns. Option F is incorrect because this is generally not the best solution as existing frameworks are well refined.

    They didn't get the joke:
    I don't think you can count someone even as a semi-decent java dev until he wrote his very own web framework at least once in his life.

    -- comment on this blog post

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