Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gojko's 5 BDD myths

Primarily for my own reference I am listing the 5 myths that Gojko Adzic is busting in his presentation: Busting BDD Myths

Go watch it, it's brilliant ... and while you are at it watch also his even more provoking presentation Reinventing Software Quality.

Myth #1: Instoolation
Belief that process problems can be solved by installing a tool

Myth #2: Businessting
Belief that business users should write acceptance tests

Myth #3: Acceptegration
Belief that tests are either unit of acceptance-integration

Myth #4: Rolation
<insert role> should do BDD in isolation (eg testers do everything)

Myth #5: Longression
Belief that the long term value of BDD is in regression testing

And as completion the five ways to misuse FIT by James Shore:

Misuse #1: Use Fit for Test Automation
Misuse #2: Customer? What Customer?
Misuse #3: Write Integration Tests
Misuse #4: Spin Your Propeller
Misuse #5: Specify Everything

A conclusion from all this myth-busting is probably that BDD is a concept that is rarely understood and still very much in flux:
BDD starts out as "tests are specs" now it's "full stack methodology" wondering where it will stop!

There's a cargo cult of Cucumbering going on and people need a reminder for when it's a good fit.

If we wait another year, then practicing BDD will be identical to what XP was in 1999

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