Thursday, November 21, 2013

Software: To eat and get eaten…


It has been declared:

Software is eating the world!


But lately it seems like:

Management is eating software development!

(Or at least it's sucking out all the innovation and creativity which used to be a major part in software development)


Some public indications of this trend are:

Is this a bad thing or is it just a sign that the software industry is growing up? Does this boil down to the old question whether software development is craftsmanship or manufacturing?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quotes of the Week: Meetings

Meetings are toxic: They usually convey an abysmally small amount of information per minute.
What exactly is wrong with meetings and managers (or M&Ms, as we call them)? Well there is nothing intrinsically wrong with them. What's wrong is how often they're applied in office situations.
If you are in a room with five people for an hour, it's a five-hour meeting.
Meetings procreate: One meeting leads to another meeting leads to another...
By rationing in-person meetings, their stature is elevated to that of a rare treat.
We lead people not machines, we embrace spending more time with our team than in meetings.


Last but not least: Never forget to run the awesome Meeting-Ticker

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