Friday, November 23, 2007

War in Heaven

I blogged about my religion before. As I stated there Christian Bauer, the author of Java Persistence with Hibernate, ranks high on my personal divinity-scale.

But there are other deities on my IT-Olympus. Near the top, towering Zeus-like above all others, is Eric Evans, the Author of Domain Driven Design. A recent divine manifestation of his presence can be found here.

For years I was living in peace and piety, looking up to my IT-Olympus in awe.

But the time in harmony has abruptly ended now! My religious foundation was put into question! The pillars of my existence began to shake!

Mercy upon our troubled souls: One deity has risen to challenge another! 

With a provoking strike the harmony of my IT-Olympus was deliberately demolished:

Repository Pattern vs. Transparent Persistence

[Check out the comments, the war has been enflamed among the minions ... Lo and behold, the paradise is lost!]

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rules and Professionalism

image Just quote-rumination:

There is no universal rule.  Programmers need to think, communicate, and learn.  That's part of being professional.

- Kent Beck, Implementation Patterns

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