Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The boundaries are blurring

1981759130 caster semenya zwitter leichtathletik 9It's interesting to watch how the recent trend to mobile and browser applications is changing the traditional understanding of client-server separation and how the traditional territories of some technologies are blurring.

Two recent examples in the field of persistence technologies illustrate this blurring of boundaries quite well:

  • JBoss Errai
    JBoss Errai represents the opposite trend compared to Rack::CoreData: It takes JPA into the browser! JPA is traditionally a server-side (or at least server-interfacing) technology. I am pretty sure that it was not intended as a browser technology. But with the rise of HTML5 and browser-side persistence there is the pressure to take that programming model to the web client.

It seems that the triumph of mobile apps and rich internet applications has quite a disruptive effect on the traditional server-side technologies and frameworks.
I am wondering where this will lead? Both of the above examples do not feel quite right in my opinion… but hey, maybe we will get JPA support in HTML6 or Oracle will include direct CoreData support in the future ...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Presentation: vert.x - asynchronous event-driven web-applications on the JVM

This week I was invented again to speak at the SBB Developer Day 2012.

My presentation was about vert.x:



I enjoyed the event very much, and I hope to be invited again next time.

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