Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We are legion :-)

blogging_monkeys.jpgMy colleague Matt started blogging!
He seems to have attracted already some interesting commenters... what a start!

You can find his blog here:

Slowly the bloggers from our business-unit in Bern seem to challenge the blogging predominance from our London colleagues :-)

Of course Matts posts will also be aggregated in my zühlke-stream.


  1. Hi,

    just curious - where is the origin entry about EJB 3 javaworld article? Do you deleted it?


    adam bien

  2. Hi Adam,

    This is the entry I was referring to. But it is not a direct reaction to your javaworld-article (the entry was written before you published the article) ... but it has the same message: "From legacy to secret weapon".

    I wrote the entry based on another entry on your blog and the discussions we had at your /ch/open-workshop in Rapperswil.

    Sorry for misusing your blog to get some hits on my blog :-)

    Hope to see you killing some patterns next year at the /ch/open-workshop.



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