Monday, October 27, 2008

We are all amateurs blindly stumbling in the dark!Ä._027.jpg/493px-Pieter_Bruegel_d._Ä._027.jpg Programming has become too complex. I suspect that we have lost it for good!

Here is another evidence:

Look at this blog post by Jeff Atwood about database deadlocks and look at the comments.

The density of contradictions in the comments is just frightening!

Considering that the commenters are probably the upper class of developers out there, it seems a miracle that there are actually working transactional systems out there...

I am not considering me any better at all, a lot of the things the commenters are talking about seems like black magic to me. But I feel terrified by that fact ... thats the basics man! If we don't know how transactions work, how can we start building business applications?


  1. The fact that you class Jeff Atwoods commenters as "the upperclass" of programmers proves you know nothing.

  2. @Anonymous
    I did not say "elite". Maybe jou don't know the low end of the scale?


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