Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Reader, Week 27


Lets start with some Java bashing:

Java Web development is broken!

Rather focusing on provocation than facts, but still worth watching:

Conquering the wicked kingdom of Java with a NodeJS Trojan horse - Espen Dalløkken from Booster conference on Vimeo.

But Reg Braithwaite chimes in:

JSJ Community Dynamics with Reginald Braithwaite

Java is playing defense while JavaScript is still playing offense. [...] Java 8 is all about protecting the existing user base. Not about gaining new users.

And not only the JavaScript community is attacking Java:

But let's turn our attention to more relevant topics than petty language wars:  

The largest cost in business is unnecessary complexity.

... and automation only hides complexity. We should remember this when we indulge in continuous integration, continuous delivery and devops.


There is not only technical complexity, so it's always good to revisit some articles:

Bug statistics are a waste of time:

Defect tracking tools are placebo, giving people a warm and cosy feeling that they have done something by throwing a digital coin into a fountain of wishes, while hoping for better software.

Beyond Story Cards: Agile Requirements Collaboration

Story card hell is when you have 300 story cards and you have to keep track of them all. [...] Every customer I've ever worked with wanted to put story cards in a database. That misses the point of story cards. If you're worried about losing story cards, you're doing too much with them.

Speaking about Agile:

Agile is not Dead (But Some Organizations Might Be Soon)

Changing the use of one word is not going to address a fundamental problem in organizations.

How convenient that Agile is no dead, it would be cumbersome to scale something that is dead:

This actually does make a sensible impressions, why all the critics?

So its time for another round of certifications? SPC sounds great... SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification - Zurich Aug 11-14, 2014

... but I think I had enough of Agile certifications. Back to language bashing:

... even better let's start bashing the programming community in general:

A lot of what is going on today in software methodology and practices is pseudoscience!

If you are not interested in DHH's childhood, then skip to minute 11. But there it starts: He is amazing, comparing Computer Science with Diet Schemes.
Most information system development has very little to do with the science part of computer science.

Is this just a case of The DHH Problem?

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