Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am teaching JavaScript, are you interested?


Last month I was teaching my workshop “Professional JavaScript for Java Developers” at Puzzle ITC and at Glue Software Engineering AG in Bern and both workshops were received very well.

At the same time I am currently teaching a block of 8 days at the University of Applied Science in Bern in the new CAS “Multiplatform Development with HTML5” about the topics JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks and HTML5.

JavaScript has a lot of momentum right now. Especially corporate environments are currently embracing JavaScript (together with HTML5) as a serious option for developing and delivering enterprise applications.

Traditionally professional development teams in corporate environments were not exposed to JavaScript, even when they were creating web applications. Therefore in many teams there is a reluctance to accept JavaScript as a viable platform.

My workshop shows the current state of the JavaScript ecosystem (Frameworks, Libraries, Tools) and touches all the aspects of professional development in the JavaScript ecosystem. The workshop is especially addressing traditional OO programmers with an enterprise background. Attendees learn how to realise the concepts and best practices they know and love from their traditional platforms (Java, .NET …) on the JavaScript platform. This ranges from constructs for encapsulation and modularisation over debugging and unit testing to build automation and dependency management. 

The main modules of the workshop are the following:

  • Introduction to JavaScript and the JavaScript Ecosystem
  • JavaScript: The Language
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • The JavaScript Development Toolchain
  • Client-Side MVC with AngularJS
  • Communication with the Backend

The workshop consists of many demos and hands-on exercises. The minimal duration is one full day. For a deeper dive into certain modules the workshop can be extended to two or three days.

Please contact me at if you are interested in a JavaScript workshop for your development team. I am teaching the workshop in German or English.

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