Saturday, February 19, 2011

SpecFlow: The Awakening

Recent internet fame and a trip to the East are evidence that SpecFlow is growing up and getting around.

So I think it is time to unveil to the world the first 10 month in the life of SpecFlow. Some might say: "From birth to adolescence", some might refer to the "The Awakening":

(watch in HD for best experience)

It's amazing to really see open-source at work. Thanks to all the committers!
I hope SpecFlow is striding forward into a bright future and I wish it all the best on its way to adulthood and greatness.

Video created with gource and ffmpeg on my MacBook with the following commands:
gource -1280x720 -s 0.1 -r 60 -o ppm.out
ffmpeg -y -b 3000K -r 60 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i ppm.out -vcodec libx264 -fpre /opt/local/share/ffmpeg/libx264-max.ffpreset -threads 0 specflow_20110218.x264_max.avi
Thanks to pweibel for the instructions.

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