Monday, February 28, 2011

Quotes of the Week: Frameworks


You and your internal development team of architects are not going to build the next great framework. You’re not going to build a good one. You’re not even going to build an acceptable one.


True code reuse between projects in the OO world is mostly a pipe dream. That's why so many good OO guys end up being toolsmiths and writing frameworks -- out of a desperate desire to create true reusable pieces of code for common problems.


Reusable code is overrated a majority of the time. The focus should be on creating well designed software that is easily maintainable. Much more software can be built in a shorter time frame this way.


If there is one thing more frightening than mapping your way through a maze of twisty little libraries, it’s getting mired in the framework swamp.
- Mike Taylor, PragPub April 2010


Responsibility trap number one: Building a platform to make other (lesser) programmers more productive.
- Eric Evans, SET 2010


I can't read the article, the term "framework team" makes me shivering inside...
- Bertolami on Twitter

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  1. He, he, very entertaining, had so smile a lot! Much truths in these quotes, thanks for sharing!


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