Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick picks from Gojko's "TDD breaking the mould"


Interesting perspectives on Gojo's presentation: TDD breaking the mould:

  • "TDD leads to good design" revisited: There is a symmetry between good design and TDD. The inverse is also true: "Good design enables TDD".
  • Quote Nat Pryce:
TDD does not drive towards good design, it drives away from a bad design. If you know what good design is, the result is a better design.
TDD doesn't drive good design. TDD gives you immediate feedback about what is likely to be bad design.
  • Good design, rapid feedback and TDD are inextricably linked: The three enable each other, the three depend on each other.
  • Enforce "Baby Steps": Pursue he mindset to commit every 15 min, and when we are not able to commit after 15 we should reflect why not, and work with the goal to commit in the next 15 min.
  • Exercise "Baby Steps": TDD as you mean it
  • TDD is a process: Originally Kent Beck wanted to give the first XP book the title "Test Driven Development" then he decided that this would confuse people.

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