Friday, December 17, 2010

SBB Developer Day 2010

Last Tuesday I was invited to give a Talk at the SBB Developer Day.

Here is my Prezi: Automated Testing: The Developers Viewpoint

The SBB Developer Day is a full day conference that SBB organizes for their IT staff. Most part of the day is organized in three parallel tracks. All together there were about 170 people attending the conference.

I really enjoyed the program of the conference and the other presentations. I found the quality and the experience of the conference very positive, which is remarkable for a pure "in-house" conference.

I had an interesting short conversation with @grabnerandi from Dynatrace about combining continuous performance testing. He had some very interesting ideas about the lower right quadrant of the Agile Testing Quadrants.
Andy gave a very interesting presentation about "The Top Performance Problems in modern Applications".

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