Saturday, December 18, 2010

SpecFlow 1.5 introducing Step Intellisense in VisualStudio

SpecFlow is aiming at providing pragmatic BDD for .NET.

SpecFlow 1.5 comes with Intellisense for step-completion in VisualStudio 2010:


When you are writing feature files, you get Intellisense after Given/When/Then/And/But keywords.
As usual you can trigger Intellisense with Ctrl-Space.

The feature is switched off by default. You have to enable it under Menu –> Tools –> Options then choose SpecFlow. In the Editor Settings set 'Enable Intellisense' to True:


SpecFlow can be downloaded from GitHub.
SpecFlow 1.5 comes with various improvements and fixes. The full changelog is here.

Keep your specs flowing!

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