Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oracle vs. Google reminds me of Matrix Revolutions

Oracle.jpg Ha ha ha ...

All that talk, predicions, more talk and conspiracy theories around the Oracle vs. Google lawsuit and it's meaning for Java reminds me somehow of the time right after Matrix Revolutions when everybody was speculating about the plot of the third movie Matrix Reloaded. (Why can Neo control the sentinels in the real world, why can Smith take the body of a real human, what did the architect really mean ...)

There were actually people that spun up plots for Reloaded that were much better* than what finally turned out to be the disappointing end of the trilogy. I guess the same is true for the current wild theories where Java is heading ...

... somehow I suspect that the same that happened to Matrix Revolutions will happen to all the fuzz and expectations about where Java is heading: A year from now nothing will have changed substantially (Revolutions was not worthy to be connected to the first Matrix movie) and nobody will talk about it any more.

Much ado about nothing!

*search for neo2083


  1. hmm ... but dont you think, a lot has already changed about Java? - I mean: My post "No Future for Java and Android" was quite provocative:

    But whatever I hear in discussions & see in the Market, points pretty much in one direction ...

  2. @Markus
    Yup, provocative indeed :-)

    We will see...
    I think Java will stay the most mature option for most kind of business apps for a long time ...

    That we hear a lot of discussions is not surprising: If the audience is big there is also a lot of talk.
    What kind of indications do you see in the market?


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