Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quotes of the Week: Downfall of Agile in the Real World


Scrum is easy, as easy as explaining push-ups... the challenge is the practice!

- rhundhausen,
proscrumdev brussels

I don't read agile books. They are a waste of time!

Agile books out there are just people telling stories about stuff. Stories are great -- love to hear them. But I can't trust the authors of most of these books to tell honest stories and learn honest lessons from them. Instead they have a theme.

The problem is, real life doesn't have a theme.

Agile Ruined my Life


Agile development's primary tenants is to value people and interactions over processes and tools.

The principle sponsors of the Agile 2010 conference are "Agile" tool vendors.

Somehow, we've walked in a circle - yet again.

Scott Bellware, User Stories are Temporary


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