Tuesday, June 8, 2010

M-V-VM again: The same but different!

I just can't shut up about the confusion in ui-patterns.

During reviewing Manning's upcoming book Lift in Action I cam across yet another variation of the M-V-VM pattern.

Lift takes the M-V-VM pattern to the web (so far I have only come across it in the WPF context) and calls its implementation the "View First" approach:


The “ViewModel” is referred to as a Snippet in Lift. There is a very tight coupling between the snippet and the XHTML output.

... so once again a different interpretation of the same term, welcome to babel.

By the way Lift in Action is a very nice book so far. You can get the first chapter (containing the above imgage) for free. The book whet my appetite to dive deeper into Scala.


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