Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My iPad Applications


Update 2010-10-2: I switched to Reeder instead of NewsRack for offline RSS reading and most of the time to ReadItLater instead of InstaPaper for offline content.


After one week with my iPad my first apps résumé:

The following apps I am using productively:

  • GoodReader: Great app! I use it to connect to my DropBox and download mainly pdf-documents to read them offline. Very intuitive usability. The newest version offers customizable cropping for pdfs, so you can get rid of wasted borders and get the most out of your screen!
  • NewsRack: Offline reading for my Google Reader rss-subscriptions and syncing favorites and read items back to Google Reader. It does the job very well. Also nice integration with instapaper, twitter and delicious.
  • InstaPaper: Offline reading of articles that I have marked during the day. Does the job well. Nice on the eyes with grey or black background.
  • Not really apps but very useful: Quix, Delicious and Instapaper bookmarklets in Safari.


The following apps I installed, but coud not yet decide if they are useful for me:

  • AtomicBrowser: Seems an interesting replacement for Safari. Better tabs and full-screen mode could really improve my browsing experience.
  • Simplenote: Alternative to the native Notes app with online synchronization.
  • Tweetdeck: My favorite twitter client, but on my iPad it seems to miss tweets ...
  • BlogPress: The edit mode seems to be very crude. You can write html, but thats a pain on the iPad. Also you cannot publish posts as drafts to edit them later with a usable editor.
  • FlickrStackr: Nice interface. I can browse my flickr photos. I can upload pictures. But expected to be able to download pictures from flickr to the iPad photo albums. Nope, at least not yet!
  • Kindle: I decided to buy my copy of Rework in paper, because I want to take it to the beach ...

I would be interested in suggestions from other iPad users with similar interests ...


PS: And no, I did never miss Flash yet or have ever come across one of those hyped bue-cube screens...

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