Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lessons Learned from Java EE

Lessons Learned from Java EE is an interesting presentation by Rod Johnson.

Here the most interesting/provoking points:
  • The fallacy of love for complexity: "No pain no gain" does not apply for software. Powerful solutions do not have to be complex, the opposite is true!

  • Tools cannot conceal excessive complexity!

  • The myth of the code monkey: Developers are dumb. They have to be protected from having to make decisions. -> The result is excessive complexity.

  • The need for an over-arching (enterprise) strategy means that common sense is thrown out the window.

  • Complexity is an expensive luxury - in economic boom times people are happy spending money for complexity but economic downturns tend to reduce complexity.

  • Developer empowerment is an ongoing trend:
    • Because things change quicker than in the past, and management need to rely on developers more
    • Open source allows participation
    • Expensive, complex portfolio solutions/tools did not prove to be successful/productive
    • Agile development is a developer-led initiative
    • The Cloud is shifting the balance between operation and development

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