Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Java vs. Net: Web Frameworks

Quantity is the real difference:
Screen shot 2009-12-29 at 7.06.16 PM.png

Humorous episodes following from this:
Trolling with Java Web Frameworks.
I don't think you can count someone even as a semi-decent java dev until he wrote his very own web framework at least once in his life (from here)


  1. You missed some ;-)

    e.g. wingS see


  2. I think you can include Lift framework as well. It is in Scala but still on JVM....

  3. Apache MyFaces and Mojarra are two implementations of the JSF specification

    Facelets is a templating language for JSF

    Apache Tomahawk, ADF, ICEFaces, Trinidad, RichFaces, PrimeFaces, RCFaces, Woodstock, and OpenFaces are JSF component libraries.

    So really, you should collapse those 12 things down into just "JSF".

    Why didn't you list component libraries for GWT and Tapestry as separate web frameworks? Why isn't Velocity and Freemarker listed as a separate web framework?

    AppFuse isn't a web framework, it just generates a bunch of code for you that wires together your choice of technologies.

    Restlet isn't a web framework, it is for developing RESTful web services

    Spring WebFlow is an addon to create conversation scope in Spring MVC web applications.


    I'd like to see a list of pure Java web frameworks.

  4. I see jWic is in the Java web frameworks - it would be fare to add NWic (http://nwic.sourceforge.net/) on the right side (a java to .NET port, but still a .NET web framework...)


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