Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Certification to become braindead?

braindead-closeup.jpgThe following question and solution is from the preparation for the Sun Certfied Enterprise Architect (SCEA) from the Sun Learning Center:

You are architecting a real-time system with high usage and high volumes of transactions. You need an MVC application with quick presentation times resembling a thin client and will have several pre-populated views that can carry across several pages. The users must be able to quickly navigate between different sections of the system.

Which three technologies will you need to implement? (Choose three.)

  • A) MDB
  • B) Swing GUI controls
  • C) JSP
  • D) EJB3 Entities
  • E) Stateless Session Beans
  • F) JCE

  • The solution:
    Options C, D, E are correct.
    Option A is incorrect because it is a real-time system, and MDBs are asynchronous.
    Option B is incorrect because swing components are notoriously slow.
    Option F is incorrect because nothing is mentioned about security requirements.

    "Swing is notoriously slow" as the reason to create a web application??? C'mon ... is that the well-grounded professionalism you are expecting from an architect?


    1. c'mon, its sun certification :) people that write those are slow. you need to remember that certification is not about thinking, but about telling them what they want to hear even if its not true.

    2. Oops. I really shouldnt have signed up for the certification.

    3. Interestingly, I had a similar question when I took IBM's WebSphere certification exams eons ago...


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