Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anemic but progressing

lemmings-psp.jpg Last week I was attending Adam Biens workshop 'Designing The Boundary - Rich UI Meets Efficient Java EE Backend' at the workshop-days of /ch/open.

The workshop was very insightful. I probably will write several posts about it.

Adam made one very interesting observation abut the debate of rich domain models vs. anemic domain models.

In order to start implementing a rich domain model, you have to understand the business.

When implementing an anemic domain model, you can start with the implementation without really understanding the business. You just have to know the structure of the domain. Then you can jump headfirst into work and implement all the CRUD logic. For a project that early gives the impression of progress. The real business logic can follow later ...

... except that this is often an excuse for not really concentrating on the business-problems but focusing on technical implementation details. Only later on it becomes clear that the project does not really deliver what the business really needs.

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