Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alternatives to Hibernate

hibernate_icon.gifUpdate: See my wiki page here for a more recent overview.

I just came across Carbonado, another persistence abstraction for Java. This is another alternative to Hibernate/JPA.

Carbonado implements the ActiveRecord pattern, which pursuits quite another design-paradigm than the DataMapper pattern, which usually is implemented by JPA and Hibernate.

As a reference I try to list the current persistence frameworks for Java. The list is certainly not complete... please leave a comment if you know another framework.

Most familiar are the mainstream JPA providers :
  • Hibernate
  • TopLink / TopLink Essentials / EclipseLink
  • KODO / OpenJPA
  • JPOX

  • There are other, less well known JPA-Providers:
  • Apache Cayenne
  • Raisin Amber
  • DataNucleus
  • CocoBase

  • Frameworks following another paradigm:
  • Carbonado
  • iBatis
  • Ebean

  • For the Java-Platform there exist other interesting alternatives:
  • JRuby with ActiveRecord
  • Groovy with GORM

    1. DataNucleus may be "less well-known" than JPOX but is in fact JPOX next version.

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    3. you might also include Empire-DB under Apache Incubation.

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