Thursday, August 14, 2008

Salary vs. Suckage - is there a relation?

Ed2010salary_1.thumbnailJay Fields recently has some interesting posts about his career and his opinion of the current state in enterprise software development.

The following quote from Be Your Start-Up I found especially thought-provoking:

Two and a half years and a lot of blog posts later I turned down an offer that was $174,000 a year. This wasn't $174,000 a year because the work sucks. It was a good job, but I wasn't ready to leave ThoughtWorks.

This implies that there is a correlation between salary and suckage of work!

If this is true, foot-soldiers like me out here in the trenches of enterprise IT departments have to ask ourselves:

  • Am I getting a good salary? Hmm... why might this be?
  • Does my work suck? Hmm... am I really paid appropriately?

I blogged about salary before and before... but recently I am getting the impression, that in today's enterprise IT its more and more difficult to rely on your job as a source of satisfaction...

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