Friday, January 4, 2008

How do you want to spend your time in 2008?

Last summer Scott Hanselman blogged about joining Microsoft. There he painted an interesting diagram:
The diagram kept popping around in my head, especially in respect to my recent job-search. But I think the diagram can be looked at in a broader context:
You only have a limited amount of time to spend for any aspect of your life, not just your job. The question is how do you want to spend the time you have?
There are different strategies. All (or at least most) of them are perfectly valid. But I, for myself at least, think this should be a conscious decision and I could pay more attention to it.

Well, I fear I am giving the impression of having an overdose of TheMeaningOfLifeAmericanBeautyWonderboysLostInTranslation- HighFidelityLoveActuallyBrokenFlowersTheBeach... but hey, its a new year and I am starting a new job next month. It has never been a better time for good resolutions!

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