Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Enhancing Quick Look

I fell in love with Quick Look, the new feature in OS X Leopard (Love on first Look?):


It is very useful to quickly skim through your directories... just hit space and have a look!

However, as it comes out of the box it's not yet very useful for a programmer, since for a lot of file types there is no useful preview-generator ...

Fortunately there are several possibilities to extend/enhance the Quick Look functionality:

The most convenient is downloading a generator and installing it into /Library/QuickLook or ~/Library/QuickLook. After putting a generator into one of those directories you have to wait some time, until the new generator is recognized. If you are impatient, you can execute qmanage -r in a terminal.

A good source for Quick Look Plugins is

But I still could not use Quick Look to look at my .properties-files. These are plain text-files, but you have to tell this to Quick Look. I achieved this by adding the following passage to the Info.plist of TextMate (-> Show Contents).
  <!-- inserted jb, 2080119 for QuickLook improvement -->
      <string>Properties in plain text</string>

Then you have to touch /Applications/ on a terminal. The same should work for any other text-editor.

I found this last tip here.

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