Thursday, May 24, 2007

OO-DB-Bashing from the Master

If you think my recent Post is OO-DB-Bashing, then read this Post from Gavin King (founder of Hibernate).

The article is very interesting and also really funny (it seems Gavin is not the greatest fan of Ruby, is he?).

Although it seems Gavin is a bit pissed off … could it be by db4o? And ‘their’ benchmark-site:

Some funny quotes, just to water your mouth:

And Java won't last forever. Really it won't. Heh, that's fine by me, just as long as it's not Ruby that replaces it (I feel safe to say stuff like this, since I am guarded around the clock by an elite team of five hundred crack female IDF commando ninjas armed with the big machine guns out of Alien II)

Well, it is nice for us, but it's not nice for the guy who comes along next! He's one of those shiny-eyed (and slightly scary) Ruby fanatics. Or maybe he's a VB guy (senior citizens matter too). Or maybe its 5000 years from now: Java and Ruby have both vanished (of course, VB is going strong) and a team of archeaologists from Ganymede are trying to piece together something about our forgotten civilization from what's left of your customer database, using the recently released Perl 6.0.

Larry must have some really fucking saucy photos of those CIOs, the sick freaks.

Anyone who knows anything about the software industry knows that benchmarks are the third kind of lie, right after "lies" and "damned lies".

Now, seriously again, the following two quotes concisely formulate the most important reasons for the ongoing dominance of relational databases:

At core, the reason we need mapping technology is that data and data models last longer than applications, longer even than programming languages. Data is shared between many applications in an enterprise…

If you think that relational technology is for persisting the state of your application, you've missed the point. The value of the relational model is that it's democratic. Anyone's favorite programming language can understand sets of tuples of primitive values. Relational databases are an integration technology, not just a persistence technology. And integration is important. That's why we are stuck with them.

Anyway, instead of reading my wannabe-important-quote-patchwork, you should read the original article!

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