Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Modern Source-Control

The latest DotNetRocks is about Source-Control and Continuous Integration with Martin Woodward and Eric Sink.

There are some funny statements :

Eric: … most modern source control systems …
Richard: …and the only thing you have got in the ‘non-modern’ is VisualSourceSafe? Anything else?
Eric: I cant think of any other off the top of my head.

… later on:

Martin: CruiseControl has a workaround for missing atomic commits.
Eric: The fact that I know that now diminishes me!

… some more:

Martin: You have forgotten how hard it is to work with SourceSafe, you have been working with Vault for too long!
Eric: That was an intentional forgetting! You are dredging it up!

The main point they are making (besides SourceSafe-bashing) is: A modern source-control system should support a true edit-merge-commit model and atomic commits.

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