Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Compiling? - No thanks!

Compiling is a waste of time! Jeff Atwood from Coding Horror formulates it like this:

'Death by a thousand 10 second delays.' (DNR 232)

Jet Brains seems to have the same opinion. Their newest pre-relaese of Resharper 3.0 (EAP) has a new feature called 'Solution Wide Error Analysis'. With this feature you basically do not have to compile any more to check for compilation errors! Just forget about Ctrl-Shift-B!
This allows an even clearer separation between developing and building a solution:

  • Develop with VisualStudio/ReSharper
  • Build with your favorite automated build tools (NAnt, MSBuild, MyGeneration, CodeSmith etc...)

By the way, in the Java World eclipse provides the same comfort with background compiling.

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