Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A note to all software project stakeholders: Remember it is not christmas!

Peter Stevens hit the nail on the head at the SAQ Software Tester Forum 2009 last week:
You won't get everything you want!

That's a fact. Accept it.

Actually you can get everything you want if you have unlimited time and money. But since that is not the case in todays software projects (maybe there are exceptions?), we have to make tradeoffs.
And that is where the strength of Agile Software Development comes into play.

Agile advocates constant feedback and prioritization. Together with the 'good enough' and YAGNI principles this helps to create better usable systems within budget and time constraints (eliminate waste in the lingo of the lean).

Peter Stevens then talked about how goals can still be achieved, even without getting everything we want. His presentation can be downloaded here.

Later on, in an interesting conversation Andy Palmer pointed out that even when a MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could and Won’t) analysis is done, still a lot of projects finally only deliver a fraction of the actual 'Musts' ... and are still considered as a success. What does this tell about our prioritization?

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