Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Provocative: MDSD vs. Platform

Two controversial statements about MDSD from the 'Zühlke Late Afternoon Talk: Quo vadis software modeling?':
If you have a good platform then you don't need a modeling tool.
If you have a good modeling tool, your platform becomes irrelevant.

So where lies the truth? Obviously the boundary is flowing ...

I my opinion 'modeling' is a very broad concept, so I would not necessary agree that you can trade between modeling and platform.
But when you replace 'modeling' with 'code generation' I am pretty convinced, that both quotes apply, and they represent quite opposite approaches to software development.

As I stated in Musing about Code Generation, MDSD and DSLs, I think the current trends in enterprise platforms lead to the first statement.

In my opinion code generation is less and less needed on modern application platforms, and since MDSD currently is so tightly coupled with code generation (at least in my experience) I think MDSD in its current manifestation is getting more and more irrelevant.

I think MDSD should somehow better adjust to the notion that "the code is the model" and provide additional abstractions (for different intentions) on top of that.
I think the current DSL-movement is an effort in this direction.
Visualisation would be another promising aspect.

I know this is a provocative statement. Many MDSD evangelists are convinced by their approach... but I just have not seen the light until now, that does not mean that I am not open for an epiphany.
So please leave a comment...

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