Monday, February 9, 2009

The state of developer testing

We're still figuring this stuff out. All of us.

-Jay Fields

Each semester I am giving a workshop about testing Java EE applications at the SWS. This is almost exclusively about automated developer testing.

The sad thing is, that reality as I experience it in the trenches of enterprise-IT does not even remotely resemble the current ideas of developer testing.

Adam Bien calls this discrepancy between current testing ideas and the reality Schizophrenia Driven Design.

For a long time I have been believing that if we could become real masters of developer testing, life in the trenches of enterprise-IT would become paradise. If only we could achieve that ...

But lately I feel like somebody gave me the red pill, I wonder if my trust in automated developer testing was just another desperate effort to cling to a naive fairy tale, where silver bullets actually exist...?

Here are just two more steps on my doomed journey of loosing my faith:

  • Luke Francis' excellent presentation Testing is Overrated (and the post and slides)
  • Jay Field's Thoughts on Developer Testing

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