Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go ahead, make my day!

SmithWesson.jpg Are you tired of a hard day working in the trenches of enterprise IT?
Are you frustrated for spending another day in a big ball of mud?
Is your brain filled with WTF from reading wagon-loads of legacy code?

Then I have the right thing for you. Go listen to Stackoverflow Podcast 41.

In corporate environments you are building products, that will never see the light of day in any meaningful way. They are only used by internal people for very narrow things. These are products that would never survive in the outside world. They are just that bad. They have bad features, they are not usable, they don't meet a real need, even to the business... yeah it's really sad ... if you love the stuff, if you are a thoughtful developer, you are in the wrong place!

In corporate environments the product don't have to be good. Sometimes they don't even have to exist ...

The corporate environments are awful!

Do you like some more? Then go along and read: Why Do Enterprise Applications Suck?

Ok, maybe it's time to call a shrink for some midlife-crisis-treatment ...

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