Monday, January 19, 2009

Only dead fish swim with the stream...

fish.jpg While I am still pondering about my idea of the transformation from Coding Whore to Opinionated Developer, I stumbled over some quite opinionated statements:

Joe Armstrong (inventor of Erlang) about object oriented programming:
When I was first introduced to the idea of OOP I was skeptical but didn't know why - it just felt "wrong".

Graeme Rocher (founder of Grails) about Maven:
I think only Java people would be willing to accept a build system like Maven with all its complexities. Any other community would be like "what the hell is this?". For me Maven is the EJB2 of build systems: over complicated, over engineered


  1. Armstrong's comments on OO are very strange to me. Some of them are flat wrong, some of them are only true of incompetent languages such as Java, some of them are bizarre (appeal to Lisp? Common Lisp is one of the most thoroughly OO languages around!)

    But what puzzles me most is that systems built with Erlang are object-oriented systems, as I understand the term. Oh well.

  2. @keithb

    Well to be fair the comments on OO seem a bit dubious ... 'TestPage', no date, they are not even 'signed' by Armstrong ... maybe its some kind of prank ...

    ... but hey, it's on the internet and pretty clearly connected to Armstrong ... so I just had to link it.


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