Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Work smart not hard: another step in the right direction

Today SpringSource acquired G2One, THE company behind Grails.

Read the announcement from SpringSource.
... and the blog posts from the Graeme Rocher and Guillaume Laforge.

I think this is a very pleasant step for getting Groovy and Grails into the enterprise and consequently a big step for enterprise developers that want to work smart not hard.

In my experience it has been hard to bring Grails or Rails into the enterprise. Decision-makers in corporate-IT seem to be terribly afraid of new languages. In my opinion this is not justified, given the fact that other technologies are happily adapted, regardless of their over-complexity in many cases!

If Groovy and Grails becomes a part of the Spring portfolio, the argument becomes much easier or even obsolete, because Spring is widely accepted in the enterprise.

I have to start looking for a Grails project ...

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