Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A voice from the past ... shouting TDD!

megaphon.jpg 1972, I was not yet born when Edsger W. Dijkstra wrote The Humble Programmer [html] and promoted the following:

But one should not first make the program and then prove its correctness, because then the requirement of providing the proof would only increase the poor programmer's burden. On the contrary: the programmer should let correctness proof and program grow hand in hand. [...] If one first asks oneself what the structure of a convincing proof would be and, having found this, then constructs a program satisfying this proof's requirements, then these correctness concerns turn out to be a very effective heuristic guidance. By definition this approach is only applicable when we restrict ourselves to intellectually manageable programs, but it provides us with effective means for finding a satisfactory one among these.

If this is not an argument for Test Driven Development, I don't know what is!
[seen on jpboodhoo]

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