Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sophisticated Vocabulary: MVC

My german teacher used to say:

Those without sophisticated vocabulary will stay unredeemed!

-- Markus Lüdin

It is sad how the statement exposes the current state in the software industry.

Talk to any semi-decent software developer, and he will tell you: Yeah, sure I am doing MVC! Do you think I am from the stone-age?

Then bring in another developer and let them compare their ideas what MVC means... expect mayor differences! (to prove my point, listen to Scott and Rocky)

To make the matter more complicated, just throw in MVP ... and what's the differenc to MVC again? Expect terms like Supervising Controller, Passive View and Presentation Model ... [having a deja-vu of Life of Brian?]

... ah, and don't forget my favorite: M-V-VM ... Model-View-ViewModel ... now that's almost as funny as the geeky old recursive unix acronyms. Or maybe someone has worn this t-shirt for too long?

So do you really get the impression, that both of your developers are still talking about the same thing? I don't think so...

And then, just to prove your utter incompetence, they start twisting the triad... what exactly is twisted/rotated? In which direction? Hmm... your only hope now is to start KISSing, maybe that will shut them up!

MVC vs. MVP... actually it is quite simple: Phil Haack brings it to the point:
WinMerge - [MVP.txt - mvc.txt]_3.png

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