Sunday, June 15, 2008

Listen to Rocky!


The thing is, early in my career I did Fortran... whether you call them services or procedures, it's the same thing!
Been there, done that! I don't really feel the need to go back to passing a bunch of dumb parameter data into a procedure that we now call a service.

-- Rocky Lhotka,
Hanselminutes 105

Episode 105 of Hanselminutes "Rocky Lhotka on Data Access Mania, LINQ and CSLA.NET" is very interesting.

Some observations from my part:

  • Even experts like Scott Hanselman and Rocky Lhotka have not a consistent idea of Model-View-Controller (MVC).
  • The old topic of moving data from the database through the businesslayer into the view is a never-ending story. Also Scott and Rocky can give their five cent but no general solution. (Do you pass your business-objects to the view or do you transform them? Are entities business-objects?...)
  • I am amazed of how ignorant people are of Domain Driven Design and smart domain models. Scott seems to imply, that smart business objects are good for small systems, but don't work for big SOA-Systems...
  • Rocky talks about Responsibility Driven Design. Probably he refers to the Class-Responsibility-Collaboration technique. As this technique encourages real OO-Designs, he seems to pursue the same goals as Domain Driven Design...
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