Friday, June 20, 2008

Frameworks: Responsibility Traps


Responsibility trap number one: Building a platform to make other (lesser) programmers more productive.

-- Eric Evans, SET 2008

This seems to be a frequent scenario in many companies:

The best programmers are fully occupied with technical details and are allowed to totally ignore the business problems at hand. The less skilled/experienced/passionate developers then are tasked to solve the business problems while forced in a straight-jacked by an ivory-tower-framework...

I blogged about this before.

Jeremy Miller has his own opinion about this:
Making development "safe" for lesser skilled developers by taking choices away from developers [...] does far more to hamper the efforts of your best developers than it does to make weaker developers more productive.
I'll say that there is a silver bullet(s), it's: Skill. Knowledge. Experience. Passion. Discipline.

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