Friday, May 16, 2008


MoebiusAntsSmall.gif Last week, I was a the SET 2008.

One particularly funny tidbit was the close occurrence of the following two quotes.

In a panel discussion about 'software engineering tomorrow' a sarcastic comment about the failed CASE hype in the 80ies was made. Allegedly, the promise of some tool-vendor was:
You don't have to program any more! Just fill in the method-bodies.

The whole audience was laughing...

A bit earlier this day, there was a session about 'Event Driven Architecture'. Basically this was a product presentation of BEA Event Server and its application in a real-world scenario. At the end one of the speaker proudly declared:
Because of our framework we do almost no programming any more! All we do, is a lot of scripting and configuration.

This time the audience was expected to be impressed ...

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