Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Workshop: Object Relational Mapping

image I am going to give a workshop about Object Relational Mapping at the Workshop-Days of the Swiss Open Systems User Group.

The workshop will take place at the ETH Zurich, on the morning of September 12.

This is going to be a basic workshop that aims do give an overview and an introduction to the topic of object relational mapping.

I am going to talk a lot about patterns and techniques. I am going to illustrate this theoretical background with concrete examples realized in Java Hibernate and Ruby Active Record, since those are two very popular, yet different ORM-implementations.

The following workshop in the afternoon is going to be all about Hibernate. The lecturer will be Christian Bauer himself (one of the two Hibernate-Gods and author of Java Persistence with Hibernate). I am a bit nervous about that... I mean to set the stage for a god is quite a responsibility ;-)

image As a lecturer I will be allowed to attend other workshops for free. Of course this chance for knowledge-sucking comes close to my notion of paradise!

I plan to attend Rund um den Software-Architekten, Hibernate (awe and worship) and Introduction to JBoss Seam (some more awe and worship).

But there is still a lot of work to do until then...

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