Sunday, August 5, 2007

Resharper: to the next level!

image Hello, my name is Jonas and I am an addict! I am hooked for several years now. I have not written a single line of code without being on Resharper!
If I am put in front of a clean Visual Studio, I am getting nervous: My hands begin to shake, sweat appears on my forehead and I feel the distinct urge to download at least a trial version of Resharper...
I admit it: I am an addict!
When Visual Studio 2005 came out, I had a very hard time: JetBrains took a long time until they released a version of Resharper for Visual Studio 2005.
Remembering those times I was getting anxious again lately, because Visual Studio 2008 is on our doorsteps...
But I was pleased that this time JetBrains seems to take pity on all those junkies like me out there: There is already a pre-release of Resharper for Visual Studio 2008 available through the Early Access Program.
Resharper and Visual Studio 2008 seem to work fine, until you start to use the new features of C# 3.0. The following code-snippets compile and run ... but Resharper seems not to be happy.
I hope Resharper will learn C# 3.0 soon.
As a side note:  Mark Miller boasts on his blog that Refactor! Pro (the concurrence product for Resharper from DevExpress) already supports C# 3.0 and even offers special refactorings for the new language features. You can watch this in action in this video (hmm... I was somehow reminded of the beauty and the beast).

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