Saturday, February 13, 2016

Trainings and Courses Update

The first month in 2016 was very busy in regard to my trainings. I updated my courses to reflect the latest trends in web development:

I held a 3 day course at SBB for JavaScript and AngularJS. I updated this course to contain a module about the ES6/ES2015 language and corresponding tooling with Webpack and Babel.

I also updated my course module in the CAS “Mobile Application Development” at the University of Applied Sciences. Besides HTML5 as a platform for mobile development I am also teaching an intro to Ionic and React Native. These frameworks show two different approaches for mobile development that are using current web technologies.

In February & March I will run two 3-day in-house courses about JavaScript and Angular development at ELCA.

In April I will run a 4-day in-house course at Puzzle. In this course I will compare Angular and React/Flux and it will also contain an intro to Angular 2.

Please contact me, if you are intersted in a course about those latest trends in web technologies.

I will also continue to offer public courses in 2016:

At DigiComp my next course “Frontend-Entwicklung mit AngularJS” is scheduled for April.

At BBV Academy my next course “Frontend-Entwicklung mit JavaScript & AngularJS” is scheduled for May.

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