Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekend Reader, Week 16

You Might Have Too Many Developers

An argument in favor of small teams and small incremental projects.

Why are we still talking about scaling agile with things like SAFe when the root problem is you might have too many developers?

There are no unicorns: forget about “better developers”, address organizational dysfunctions

(in response to the article above)

Size may be the symptom of organizational dysfunction.

It goes wrong when we try to make management easier by treating knowledge work as if it were physical work.

Industrial-age management is a really bad system for managing software development.

Sidenote: questioning the 10x developer productivity myth: The Leprechauns of Software Engineering, Fact and folklore in software engineering, StackExchange Question, Quora Question

Don’t use Microservices

As in my previous Weekend Reader, here is another article that has a good discussions about challenges and problems when trying to adopt microservices.

Classes: A bad Idea?

The next version of JavaScript (EcmaScript 6) will add classes to the language. Classes are available in many object-oritented languages, and most developers who learned object-orientation the traditional way (C++, Java, C#) might be wondering how object-orientation is even possible without classes.

However Douglas Crockford, the author of “JavaScript the Good Parts“, thinks that the introduction of classes in JavScript might not be a good idea:

Classes in EcmaScript 6 are gonna be a bad part. (direct link)
The gift of JavaScript to humanity is class-free object-oriented programming. (direct link)

In the “The Two Pillars of JavaScript” we get a similar opinion from Eric Elliott, the author of “Programming JavaScript Applications” who argues also against classes:

You never need classes in JavaScript, and I have never seen a situation where class is a better approach than the alternatives.

Angular Tidbits

Toptal has published some nice short videos, each describing a advanced concept of Angular. Perfect fill-ins for a short break.

A processor simulator written in JavaScript

Geeky. But never underestimate what you can do with JavaScript …


SwissJS 2015 (formely SwissJeese) is announced for July 18th 2015 in Bern. Last year the conference was my highlight of tech events. Make sure to get a ticket early, the first batch of “Blind Bird” tickets is already sold out …

SoCraTes Day
The first SoCraTes Day Switzerland takes place on Friday, June 19th in Zurich. This software craftsmanship conference is organized as an unconference, where the participants define the agenda on the day of the conference.

Funny Advertisement

Everybody complains about the ever more aggressive advertisement on YouTube, however if YouTube presents me advertisement like this, I gladly watch it to the end … and I then search for the clip on YouTube to watch it again:

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