Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Year 2014

My year 2014 was interesting and brought many changes from a professional and personal perspective.

From the personal perspective …

I had two great vacations: I was literally beginning the year under water on a great dive trip in Raja Ampat. Diving with oceanic mantas was something I will never forget:

And my mountainbiking vacation in Colorado/Utah was another extraordinary experience:

However the probably much more profound event in my personal life came in October with the birth of our first child:

From the professional perspective …

I started to do much more teaching in 2014. My engagement at the Berner Fachhochschule was expanded and I am teaching a mayor part in the new CAS (Course of Advanced Studies) “Multiplatform Development with HTML5” and a smaller part in the CAS Mobile Application Development.

During the year I was giving quite a lot of inhouse courses for JavaScript development and AngularJS. These courses range from 1 day bootcamps to 4 day workshops. I held courses for UBS, BIT, Puzzle ITC, Glue, IMS AG, ESGroup and I could again give my JavaScript Bootcamp twice at the ch/open Workshoptage.

I enjoy working in the emerging space of “JavaScript as a serious application platform” so much, that I quit my job as a architect at my former employer. I am now working as a freelance developer and trainer with my own company.
The adoption of JavaScript in enterprise application development is the area I am currently focusing on.

In the typical educational institutions JavaScript is still pinned to the space of “Web-Design”. Apart from that there are almost no public courses to learn professional JavaScript development. Thats where I try to offer my inhouse courses: I specifically target typical enterprise environments and enterprise developers (Java or .NET) and I try to show the similarities between the modern JavaScript ecosystem and the traditional enterprise plaforms and also the pitfalls of JavaScript. I am offering courses for professional JavaScript development, for AngularJS, for React and for architecting modern html5 based frontends for enterprise systems. But I always tailor my courses to the specific needs of the individual team.

For the coming months I have already engagements for courses at Postfinance and at Mobiliar and I am looking forward to work with more teams. If you are interested in setting up a JavaScript/AngularJS/React course or coaching for a development team, please contact me.

There are also public courses scheduled, where I will be teaching:

Starting from April I will also be looking for opportunities to work hands-on in interesting projects. Of course my preference would be to work in projects where JavaScript and enterprise systems intersect.

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