Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekend Reader, Week 51

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Rob Ashton speaks at the .NET user group

I never met Rob, but I think he is a very interesting character in the programming space.

His episode as a “journeyman programmer” is mind blowing and I suggest to every enterprise programmer to have a look at it: "The software journeyman's guide to being homeless and jobless.” (or if you have a plural sight subscription you can watch the production: Change it Up where Rob Conery does an extensive interview with Rob).

Rob will be speaking on January 7th in Bern and on January 8th in Luzern about "Frameworkless development with NPM and React” - a very interesting topic in my opinion. And of course not at all related to .NET programming :-). So I hope to see some non .NET programmers at the event...

While we are at it, here are some further interesting posts of Rob Ashton:


Software engineering in practice

Very nice presentation by Marc Hofer about Agile software development.


Which Silicon Valley company has the best intern perks?

So the myths are true, there are companies that do a lot for their employees ...


From Open (Unlimited) to Minimum Vacation Policy

… perks are not without problems:

Netflix has it, Virgin has it: Unlimited vacation policy … but not everything that shines is gold:

The cause was intended to be noble, as we didn't want to get into the way of people taking time off as much time as they need to recharge.[…] Two years later, this idea turned out to be a failure, and we're changing our vacation policy.


Letter To A Young Programmer Considering A Startup

Startups are not that sexy any more according to:

A startup job is the new office job. Startup culture is the new corporate culture.

Here is also a recent production of Swiss radio SRF about the “disillusion of startups” (in German): Start-up-Firmen: Der Traum vom nächsten Facebook


The State of JavaScript in 2015

The JavaScript world seems to be entering a crisis of churn rate. Frameworks and technologies are being pushed out and burned through at an unsustainable speed.


More developer tidbits:


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