Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our App "Myco" reached 100’000 downloads! Here are some statistics.

Myco is a project of Stefan and me. We published the Windows Phone App in December 2012, followed by the iOS version in May 2013 and the Android version in April 2014.

The app is available in a free edition and two paid editions (standard and pro) on each platform.

The app proved to be much more successful than I would have expected. Last month we reached 100’000 accumulated downloads of the App.

In the following I present some statistics about the downloads of Myco:


Note that the Windows Phone edition is available since 21 months, the iOS edition is available since 16 months and the Android is only available since 5 months.

For me it is interesting that Myco seems to break with some common myths of app development (at least when we look at the last 4 months):

  • Android is the most successful platform regarding total downloads and paid downloads, followed by Windows Phone. iOS is trailing behind, even though our main markets are Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France where the iPhone has quite a strong position.
  • Windows Phone is our most successful platform regarding conversion rate. Apparently the willingness to pay is even bigger with Windows Phone users than with iOS users.
  • The conversion rate of Android is not lagging far behind Windows Phone or iOS. The alleged “unwillingness to pay” of Android users does not prove to be that significant in our case.

Of course the above numbers and conclusions are still quite premature. Our app is highly seasonal. We had a high peak last autumn where iOS was dominating over Windows Phone (Android was not yet released). Therefore we are looking forward to the current mushroom season, which has just started.

Some explanations of the above observations might be:

  • The Windows Phone edition regularly gets recommended by Microsoft in their store (Myco for Windows Phone has won the “Microsoft Switzerland App Award 2013”).
  • The iOS edition has probably the bardes competition, since there are many good Mushroom Apps in the iTunes Store.

If you are now interested in Myco, you can download the app by following the links below:



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