Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekend Reader, Week 14

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L.A.F.A.B.L.E: Large Agile Framework Appropriate for Big, Lumbering Enterprises

I would consider it a very funny April Fools' joke if I would not know how close this carricature actually describes the reality in many enterprise environments.


Signs you might be in survival mode

Roy Osherove concisely identifies when a software delivery team is in survival mode. Does it somewhat sound familiar?


Agile Adoption is Fool's Gold (and other Stories from the Coal Face)

After initial Scrum successes teams usually find out, that blocking obstacles lie outside of the team.

Scrum is like training wheels. At some time they come off.


Enterprise Scrum

Yet another approach to scale agile? Just what the enterprise needs? I have not yet found the time to read the whole 76 pages to make up my opinion ...


Radical Management

Nothing really new here, these ideas are taught in most leadership and management courses … but reality still looks different. So the ideas of Steve Denning are certainly worth to ponder over.

However the introductory video makes me think of … hmm …  a cheap tv show blended with advertisements I usually see on shady torrent  pages:

I liked the TED talk a bit better, but I still would have expected deeper insights:

 Finally I am still wondering about the connection to the german book: Radikal Führen by Reinhard K. Sprenger


Final Gem: Wow, pair programming has come a long way since ‘83...


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