Sunday, March 23, 2014

JavaScript is conquering the world!

Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.


Two years ago I blogged The future smells like JavaScript. Where do we stand today?

This post lists my favourite examples that demonstrate impressively the power of JavaScript.


Cloud 9: A complete IDE written in JavaScript:

It’s funny, Adam Bien talked in 2008 in his session "Designing The Boundary - Rich UI Meets Efficient Java EE Backend” about desktop- vs. web-applications. IDEs were his canonical example for desktop applications that will never be replaced by web applications. Yet here we, are looking at Cloud 9:

Screen Shot 2014 03 22 at 23 35 37

And there are plenty alternatives, most noteworthy Visual Studio Online (Project Monaco) by Microsoft. But there are also codenvycode anywhere, eclipse orion and others.


Unreal Engine 4

While not yet publicly available, Epic Games and Mozilla have ported the Unreal Engine 4 to the web and it’s running nearly at native speed:

Office Replacements

Google Docs and  Microsoft Office Online are probably the most popular examples how traditional desktop applications are replaced by web applications. Another impressive one is Lucid Charts:

Screen Shot 2014 03 23 at 00 26 57


Rather playful examples of the power of JavaScript are the following emulations:

JSLinux: A PC emulator in JavaScript running Linux Screen Shot 2014 03 22 at 21 42 07



Doppio: A JVM implemented in JavaScript 

Screen Shot 2014 03 23 at 00 13 01


PCE.js: a Mac Plus emulator running Mac OS System 7

Screen Shot 2014 03 22 at 21 36 07


  1. is a browser entirely written in JavaScript ...

  2. is an operating system kernel built on V8 JavaScript engine.

  3. The Atom Editor is written in JavaScript:

  4. Another 3D shooter: Deadtrigger 2

  5. Another impressive project:

    Interpreters for many languages running in the browser.

  6. Online HEX Editor:


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