Thursday, October 10, 2013

Myco 1.1.0 for iPhone


This week I released Myco 1.1.0 for the iPhone.

So far the App was more successful than we expected: In the last three months we had about 30'000 downloads of which about 5% were paid versions.

In the latest version we updated the library content. We have now 229 mushrooms in the library and we added two new classification attributes: 'edibility' and 'spore print'.


Edibility and Spore print


As a new feature we added a quiz that allows you to learn to identify mushrooms in a playful way:

IOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 13 2013 1 29 02 AMIOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 13 2013 1 29 15 AM

This will be the last version for iOS6 the next version will support iOS7 only.

The Windows Phone edition of Myco supports the same features. Please tell us which additional features you would like to see in the future.

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